Story Telling For Kindergarten Students

PG TK IT An Nahl held a story competition on Saturday, April 2021. The story telling competition is aimed at encouraging students' confidence, speech skills, and public performance. The theme of the competition was free. All students could use English and Bahasa Indonesia. 

One of the participants, she tried the challenge of using English. English was one of the Circle Times (Sentra) in An Nahl Kidz. 

An Nahl Kidz still uses online learning because of the covid-19 outbreak to deliver lessons. Though the teaching and learning methods are not in regular classes, all students are enthusiastic about following the learning process. 

The story telling competition was held by sending videos. The evaluators decided the winner based on five categories. They were confidence, expressions, properties, articulation and intonation, and match the theme. The evaluators found it difficult to decide the winner because all participants performed perfectly. Finally, three students were chosen as the best performers in the story telling competition. 

Here is the performance of the winner of the story telling competition. 

Another participant told the story in Bahasa. She told a story of five basic Islamic principles. She had good confidence and told the story clearly.


The following participant related a story about a food trip in the human body.He told the story in children's language so it was easy to understand. He also had good confidence in his performance.